The Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center provides patients and their families convenient access to state-of-the-art radiation oncology treatment that’s close to home. This radiation oncology facility rounds out the surgery and chemotherapy treatment services for cancer also available at Tuality Healthcare, and augments other prevention, screening and diagnostic services.

Giving Patients the Best of Both Worlds

The Cancer Center is made possible by a partnership between Tuality Healthcare and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Through this partnership, we are able to provide a wealth of clinical cancer expertise to the area. Patients and their physicians have onsite access to OHSU’s faculty, cancer specialists, research and clinical trials. At the same time, they are supported by the full resources and staff of Tuality Healthcare and can receive treatment in their own community.

A Leading-edge Facility for Lifesaving Care

The Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center’s 8,500-square-foot facility features:

  1. Physician offices
  2. On-site, dedicated computed tomography (CT) simulator
  3. Pinnacle3 computer system with three-dimensional treatment plans and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) capability
  4. Dual-energy linear accelerator to deliver radiation treatment
  5. A full staff of physician specialists in radiation oncology, medical physicists, radiation therapists, nursing and support staff, and other oncology-related professionals

State-of-the-art Radiation Therapy: Step by Step

Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy radiation (X-rays) to kill cancerous cells. These X-rays are similar to the X-rays used in diagnostic imaging (mammograms, chest X-rays, etc.), but differ in that they are better able to deliver the necessary energy to deep tissues in the body.

Radiation is often used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, or is used independently, determined by the type and severity of the cancer.


Simulation helps ensure that the radiation conforms to a tumor’s shape and position. Prior to receiving their first radiation treatments, patients are positioned on a simulation table. Our on-site computed tomography (CT) simulator collects multiple X-ray images of the patient in narrow cross sections.

This CT simulator is the same as the type used in diagnostic imaging but is connected to a powerful computer system to allow manipulation of the images for the purpose of tumor imaging, localization and planning. This allows us to accurately determine the position of both the tumor and normal tissues within the patient’s body.


The goal of a treatment plan is to deliver the amount of radiation needed to eradicate a tumor, while sparing as much normal tissue as possible.

Our treatment planning computer system reconstructs the CT images to create a three-dimensional model. This is used to develop either a three-dimensional or intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) treatment plan.

Once the simulation is completed and the radiation therapy plan and dosages are calculated, patients begin treatment within three to five days.


Our Varian 2100 ExTM dual-energy linear accelerator can accommodate a wide range of cases, using two photon energies and multiple electron energies, depending on the cancer’s location in the patient.

This linear accelerator features multileaf collimation — an automated means to perform IMRT and to block the exposure of healthy tissue to radiation. This technology has revolutionized radiotherapy and replaces the traditional "blocking" method of casting and positioning protective metal shields.

A patient’s therapy plan is typically five visits per week, ranging from two to seven weeks. For many types of cancer caught in early stages, control and cure rates are excellent for radiation therapy, either used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy and surgical treatment.

A Team Approach with Area Physicians

Our specialists and staff at the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center work in coordination with a patient’s own physicians and are here as a resource for them. This team approach is designed to give each patient a seamless continuum of well-coordinated care.

Meeting the Need for Local Cancer Care

  1. Cancer occurs most commonly in the 45-and-older age group.
  2. For many types of cancer caught and treated early, control and cure rates are excellent.
  3. More than 250 patients a year receive radiation treatment at the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center. We provide the highest quality care, close to home.

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